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There are many types of pipe fittings that can be used in plumbing systems to serve different purposes. Pipe fittings are used in plumbing systems to connect multiple pipes of the same or different sizes. They also regulate flow and measure flow. They can be made of various materials such as copper, iron or brass, and PVC, etc.To change the flow direction between pipes, elbows can be used. Elbows can be made with angles of either 22.5o, 45o or 90o. Normal elbows can be used if pipes are the same diameter. Otherwise, reducer elbows will be used. Different materials can be used to make elbows. They are usually made with female threads. We can also fix them using butt or socket welding. A reducer is a component of a pipe fitting that reduces flow size by decreasing the size of the pipe. There are usually two types of reducers available. Concentric reducer is a cone-shaped reducer with gradual decreasing around pipes. However, in this case cavitation may occur as air accumulation is possible. The eccentric reducer is a one-edged device that is parallel to the connecting pipe. This prevents air accumulation.Tee type fittings are a part of a plumbing system that is T-shaped. It has one outlet and one inlet. Outlets are located at 90o to main line connection (inlet). You can combine two inlets into one outlet. You can also find them in different sizes and materials. It is an Equal tee if the T-fitting sides are equal in size. Otherwise, it is an Unequal tee. Cross fittings have 4 openings in each direction. These fittings are connected when 4 pipes meet at one point. Because they are at the intersection of four connections points, these fittings cause more stress to the pipe with temperature changes. Cross fittings are used for fire sprinkler systems.To connect pipes with the same diameter, a coupling is used. If the pipe has burst or if leakage is occurring, couplings are useful. There are generally two types of couplings available. Slip coupling and compression coupling are two types of couplings. Regular coupling connects two pipes. It prevents leakage through the use of rubber seals or gaskets on either side. Alternatively, glue can be used. Slip coupling is simpler to install. It consists of two pipes that are connected one to the other. The inner pipe can slide up and down to a certain length. Slip coupling is a great way to fix long-length damaged pipes.
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