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Welded Steel Pipe, Welded Pipe

Seamless steel pipes are made from the round steel billet. They can be manufactured through hot rolling, cold roll or cold drawn processes. There is no seam on their body. Welded steel pipes are made by flat steel plates with welding seams. Including ERW pipe , LSAW pipe, SSAW pipe. How is Seamless steel pipe made. Cold-drawn forming technology used to cold-draw seamless pipe. Although the material's strength is low, it has a smooth appearance and internal control surface. This method is used for small diameter seamless pipes with thin walls. You can choose to roll seamless steel pipes from carbon structural steel, low-alloy steel, alloy steel or stainless steel. Different industries use seamless steel pipes: Line pipe for pipelines, chemical industries, and thermal services. How is welded steel pipe made? API 5L, or ASTM welded, steel pipe includes LSAW, SSAW, and ERW pipes. These pipes can be made from steel strip or steel plates. First, the steel plate is bent into various shapes. The advantages of welding steel pipes include high production efficiency, low costs and the ability to save material. It is widely used in aviation, electronics, automotive, light industry, and other industries. It is resistant to corrosion in acidic environments. Why should you prefer to buy seamless steel pipes? Most people prefer seamless steel pipes to welded steel pipes because seamless pipes can withstand extreme pressure without cracking. The seams and welded pipes can't do this because the welded points are susceptible to cracking under high pressure. It is easy to calculate the pressure of seamless pipes. Seamless pipes are lighter and thinner than welded pipes, and have uniform shape because they are made of uniform extrusions of an alloy. Summary of the differences between welded and seamless steel pipes There are some differences between API 5L/ASTM Seamless steel pipe, and ERW-welded steel pipe. 1. Appearance difference Steel billet was used as a raw material for seamless steel pipe. Hot rolling cannot remove the billet's outer surface defects. The product is not polished until it is finished. The defect cannot be completely eliminated by wall reduction. Hot rolled coil is a hot-rolled steel pipe. The surface quality of the coil is the same as the pipe's surface. The surface quality of Welded Steel Pipe is better than seamless steel pipes. 2. Different mold processes One time rolling can produce seamless steel pipe. Welded steel pipes are made from steel strip or plate through bending and other welding processes. 3. Performance and Usage The strength of seamless steel pipe is greater than that of ERW welded pipe. It is used in high pressure equipment such as thermal and boiler industries. Welded steel pipes are generally able to withhold 20% less pressure than seamless steel pipes. This is why seamless steel pipes steel pipes are preferred. Because seamless pipes are subject to extreme temperatures, chemical, and mechanical loads, they are used in all industrial pipelines. Welded pipes are preferred in the electronics, aerospace and automobile industries, where there is less budget and more work pressure .
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